The Benefits of Burning Wood

Burning wood is better environmentally because all carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere throughout the burning process is equal to the amount absorbed by the tree during growth.

In addition, all the wood we sell is from FSC certified suppliers, so we are using a product from sustainable, carefully managed woodlands which in turn means there is very little contribution to ‘Global Warming’.

Buy Logs Online to Help the Environment

With the increase in demand for logs as a fuel we could see the return of many small and forgotten woodlands coming back into active management with benefits for wildlife and local employment.

Also more woodlands could be established to supply the larger markets that exist today.

The Forestry Commission has recently recommended that 30,000 Ha (74000 acres) be planted, which would increase the total woodland cover of the U.K to 16%.

And let’s be honest, we would all rather see a planning application for a wood that another oil refinery!

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