What We Deliver

Hardwood logs are the type of firewood we supply. Predominantly beech with a small percentage of ash, sycamore and oak is what you will find in your load. All our firewood has been sourced from FSC woodlands and will have been felled for more than 12 months.

The logs we supply are not from freshly felled trees. All the firewood we sell is originally delivered to us in three metre lengths and vary in diameter from 100mm to 600mm (that's 4” to 24”).

At the point of delivery, the wood is graded into two heaps. One with timbers that have a diameter of less than 200mm (8”), and one which has greater. The larger timbers are then split down the three metre length into halves or more and then restocked outside with a sheet over them.

This allows us to reduce the drying time dramatically and get the wood through our processor easily.

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery to customers within
15 miles of Chicklade, Wiltshire, by road.

Deliveries outside of the area marked below may incur an additional delivery charge.


Where we deliver


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